Xtracycle in the UK – helping Eco & Sustainable Companies

xtracycle carrying a surf boardI finally got time to respond to our latest request for help under our Eco support scheme. The UK distributor of the fabulous Xtracycle has pitched us for some free mentoring. Can we refuse to help such a cool product? There are certain criterias that need to be met and we do have to turn companies away as we can only help 12 in 12 months. Lets see where we go.

After looking at yet more info about the amazing xtracycle – I came across this fabulous video that really sums up the product for one particular niche. (note the awesome Stoke Monkey fitted). You only ‘get’ this video if you know that you’re looking at an xtracycle.

The interesting question surrounding this product is; In the UK, do you market it at the stereotypical audience depicted in this movie or a different audience that may react badly to that association?

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