Thanks Apple

Big thanks to Apple for wasting 2 hours of my life today.

I’m trying to set up some cgi directories for some virtual hosts on an Apple xserve. To do this, I have to use VNC for the essential, mundane things like restart the webserver, create virtual hosts (you can’t do this by hand). Then I need to ssh into the box, to edit the conf files the gui creates. It may be bsd unix running apache – but it’s a right royal pain in the rear to configure.

This would be a 5 minute job on linux and everything just seems to be slightly different on this operating system. Surely it’s not too much to ask that each virtual host would have it’s own cgi bin? Surely you gui should do that task? I haven’t cracked it – will come back tomorrow and see what’s wrong.

It’s like working in a china shop. Sure I can go edit the normal config files to behave like a proper unix version of apache – but how much of the gui will I break in the process?

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  • The default install of Apache on OS X is highly customized. If you want, you can use Fink:

    to install stock Apache and skip the integrated stuff, or you could just compile it yourself. It sounds like you don’t need the GUI anyway and would prefer a good-old-fashioned command-line-only Apache install.

    Comment | 17/2/2005

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