London Apple Store

Great article about the London opening of the first UK Apple Store. For me the defining comment that sums up Apple’s loyal following is:

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds must’ve been spent that day and I made, in comparison, my meagre contribution.

What a brand eh? We no longer buy things from Apple…. you contibute to their turnover.

I popped into the Apple Store in Atlanta last year and found the experience cute. Lots of nice toys and pretty boxes. I really love OSX and the hardware it runs on. I’m a huge fan – but also a huge cynic of the almost lemmingesque following that some devotees adopt…….

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Ecademy no more

Now that I’ve read Ricky’s excellent poster – Ecademy – the big picture, which explains what ecademy has to offer, I’m happy in the knowledge that ten pounds a month can be better spent somewhere more worthy.

I struggle with ecademy as a concept….. Our network of trusted collegues, peers and dweebs draws from over 10 years of working with talented people in our industry. From what I understand, ecademy advocates ‘volume’ as a success factor – stating ‘in LoL 1,000 business connections there could be 100,000 pounds of business’.

We trade on reputation, we invest time in relationships, technology, fundamentals and passion. Connecting to a thousand businesses for a few gigs, is wrong. ecademy is missing the league of legends boat – I bet Hugh could knock them into shape – but I always got the impression the founders have never truly wanted to listen.

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