trioBIKE – child carrying cycle that’s more than eye candy

It’s almost pretty enough to hang on the wall… but the new version of the trioBIKE is a very functional piece of engineering that seemed to cause quite a stir down at the cycle 2007 show. I was down to meet the owners of FunktionAlley (one of our exciting new customers) who are the distributors of trioBIKE in the UK. They had the first two bikes off the production line flown into the show for people to try and buy.

I had my video camera with me and filmed a few clips of the inventor talking about the bike and the story behind it. I’m a huge fan of authenticity and once you hear sammy talk about the product – you know that it’s built with passion. The stuff my coffee should be served with.

The Story behind trioBIKE

TrioBIKE in action