World Famous Aviemore Sled Dog Rally

Guy Redwood - Racing Huskies in Aviemore 2009I’m finally back from co-organising the famous husky race in Aviemore. This year we had a waiting list for entrants and have many exciting plans for next year. Press day was fun and it’s nice to see so much footage on a news report. It was also a pleasure to share some of our annual pilgrimage with The Hodge, rumour has it he will return next year.

Stv article – watch the movie and see us in action.

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The difference between experts and novices

Experts are pragmatists, they re-set or re-frame the problem to make it solvable. Novices are realists, they take the problem as a given and get stuck.

taken from ‘noise between stations‘ – an interesting blog just added to my rss feeds.
So, maybe the stars of tomorrow are easy to spot. Enlightened novices use experts for support and guidance – the others, out of ignorance just get stuck in, passionately getting stuck.

Please don’t ask me which camp I’ve put you in :-)

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Battlestar Gallactica – the Best Science Fiction Series Ever?

Battlestar Aggregatica

Great article and nice site about one of the most important shows this decade and it’s also built on Drupal. Looks good and works well. Nice to know that there’s a whole band of people out there that know the significance of BSG and also compare it to the other classic, Babylon 5.

Must come back and look a bit more.

Must also come back and look at Drupal. They now have the Drupal Theme Garden enabling any implementation to look great. (Plone, please take note).

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Climb Sepu : The Expedition

Climb Sepu : Great Videos including Tibetan Twister and tug of war
Superb record of an expedition supported by my favourite outdoor clothing company – Marmot. Work your way through the videos – they’re a mixture of candid interviews, compiled highlights and high altitude wisdom. Check out the video with a game of Twister with the guides on 6 – Heading Home.

Just awesome – great use of the web. All you need is a dv camera and an imac!

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2 months in husky

2 months on, and our fabulous puppy is not so much of a puppy anymore. He’s also taking up more room on the bed and getting close to a few hard lessons on life from his other buddies in the pack.

December 2004
Mookie in December 2004
February 2005
Mookie in February 2005

With Elvis
Mookie and Elvis

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Bread – It’s the new Rock and Roll

Aparantly, there’s laboratory at Panasonic UK, full of bread making geeks, where they keep trying new bread recipes to ensure that their bread maker is the best in the world. You can phone them with questions about your bread machine and get lots of help – just as long as your question is about bread.

Myth or truth? Well I read about it in more than a few places…

If you ever think of buying a bread machine and like the type of bread we have in the UK – make sure you buy a Panasonic. The bread police won’t allow any windows on their device because this makes it difficult to maintain the constant heat for good bread. There’s a healthy export market too… People want that UK type loaf on the continent… blah blah blah…

I was looking for a Christmas present for my wife to go with her Marc NewsonDish Doctor. I read a few web pages about bread makers and quickly discovered that there are some very bad ones and a few good ones. Hence the reputation for bread makers living at the back of cupboards, gathering dust. I researched a little further and bought into the notion that Panasonic have a team that’s mad about bread, complete geeks and hence produce the only bread maker worth buying.

How cool is that for a brand entity. I don’t care if it’s a myth. I bought the machine on the basis of great reviews on Amazon, numerous awards, various fan pages and also my own respect of Panasonic as being rather good. And hey, it’s all true. The instructions are crystal clear, the recipes are plentiful and our first loaf took only a few minutes of measuring into the tin. Four hours later we had a perfect loaf.

Since then we’ve tried 4 different types of flour, replacing butter with Olive oil, a few high speed loafs and every one’s been a winner. The instruction book tells you what each ingredient will do, and how you can change it. Good bye additive ladden supermarket bread.

Panasonic would sell more of these things if they spent a little time on educating people on how these machines work. Everybody seems to think you have to mix the ingredients – they don’t know that you just tip it into the machine and then switch it on.

Break that myth and you’ll sell alot more.

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Battlestar – wow

So we got back from our annual husky racing pilgrimage to Aviemore to watch the final episode of Battlestar Galactica on Sky Plus. What a huge cliff hanger – think I even shouted ‘no’ at the tv right at the end…. Last time I did that was another sci-fi classic Babylon 5 – when the centauri Londo sold out to the Shadows to wipe out the Narn…..

Back to BSG – I love this series – challenges so many fundamentals about how we live, delivered in an amazing sci-fi wrapper. It’s shot like a documentary, the camera’s zoom and shake like a fly-on-the-wall documentary. There is no sound in space, so the fight scenes don’t have big bangs….. and when your enemy is a robot, it just keeps coming….. I can rant for hours about this show…. hope they commission a second series!

Why is this important? This show has moved a genre into another league. I can’t stand ER but understand it’s importance – BSG just does it so much better.

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