Battlestar – wow

So we got back from our annual husky racing pilgrimage to Aviemore to watch the final episode of Battlestar Galactica on Sky Plus. What a huge cliff hanger – think I even shouted ‘no’ at the tv right at the end…. Last time I did that was another sci-fi classic Babylon 5 – when the centauri Londo sold out to the Shadows to wipe out the Narn…..

Back to BSG – I love this series – challenges so many fundamentals about how we live, delivered in an amazing sci-fi wrapper. It’s shot like a documentary, the camera’s zoom and shake like a fly-on-the-wall documentary. There is no sound in space, so the fight scenes don’t have big bangs….. and when your enemy is a robot, it just keeps coming….. I can rant for hours about this show…. hope they commission a second series!

Why is this important? This show has moved a genre into another league. I can’t stand ER but understand it’s importance – BSG just does it so much better.

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