Mind Mapping with a tablet

Creating Passionate Users: Why I want a Tablet PC

Really an article about mind mapping – something we should all spend more time doing.

I do a bit of work with a Dutch chap, Menno, that draws mind maps in meetings – he brings a sheet of A4 and a bumper pack of felt tip pens – the sort of huge long pack you used to get at Christmas, when you were young. He uses all sorts of shades to create his maps. I’m not sure what his final maps are like, or if they help him do anything beyond a meeting – but it’s a great device for being remembered – ‘the chap with the big pack of felt tip pens that draws those maps in meetings’. Slightly more approachable than the nice chap we met at a Swiss venture capital company that typed his mind map out furiously on his keyboard as we explained about one of our ventures. We thought he was doing emails or something – but then at the end of the meeting saw this map of our proposition.

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