Upgrade your users, not just your product


Could be titled – ‘Smarter Conversations for Beginners’ – just go read the article!

The more you learn, the better you are at something. The better you are, the more engaging it is. If you can help people have more of that feeling, they won’t talk about how good you are — they’ll talk about how much they kick ass.

I bought a Nikon Coolpix 5700 because I wanted to get a little more serious about my photos–to do something a step beyond point-and-shoot. I wanted to learn more about photography. It’s certainly in Nikon’s best interest to help me get hooked on photography, because next thing you know… I’ll be buying the extra lenses, and then pretty soon I’ll have to get a better camera, and on it goes. IF they can get me to become passionate not about the camera, but about photography.

I recently bought a new camera – upgraded my aging Nikon coolpix for a new Panasonic with Leica lense. I did this because I got hooked on photography again by reading DeviantArt – a stunning collection of digital art. I think this was the photo that started it all off again.

Go figure.

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