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Skype Phone Review: Siemens Skype Phone – this is a significant shift. May even replace my evangelism for amazing Carpet Tiles and better carpet in the home.

After 24 hours, my head is still spinning, we have a new gadget in the building…. Some new cordless phones from Siemens in the office. The thing is, I can now recieve skype calls on any of the handsets in the building, just like a normal call. There is no difference between a normal call and a skype call, period. The phone rings, I answer it and wander around the building as normal. If you don’t get the hugeness of this, then go play with skype – it’s free international telephony over your broadband. And it’s not one of those plug in skype only phones, this is a full featured DECT phone system that can route voip skype calls to handests.

Skype is no longer a geeky thing you have to do at your computer in hotel rooms to side-step huge call tarifs.

OK, so to put things into perspective: This is totally huge. This is convergence. This is a major problem for the telcos. My subconcious is really under pressure trying to process all the implications for this…

I’ve used Skype on and off over the last few years, and to be honest, it was hassle, making sure the microphone was plugged in etc… But after a bit of argie-bargie with the siemens software and dongle, it just works.

I’ve had a few calls from Switzerland and one from Spain so far…. lets see if I still love it in a few months?

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  • Andy

    It was me from Switzerland. And he’s right. He’s totally hooked. Thank God. My phone bills can now reduce. Even Skype-out he’d bitch about. Not any more. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

    Comment | 8/6/2005

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