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We’re gaining some traction for the first meetup of web people under the guise/working-title of we are the monkeys. Tom’s showing off his artistic tendencies and wacom abilities with the new design for the blog supporting our mission to get our community rolling. Tom’s also winning the who’s invited the most people so far competition.

So, web people of York and beyond, 31 August 2006 marks the first meeting of some great minds.

One of the fab things that we both agree on about the monkey thing, is that we’re just doing it because we know so many special things will come of it. We don’t have an agenda – the first batch of meetings may start to forge that, with those that step up to the mark.

Tom and I have been ’round this industry long enough to know that this is just a good thing to do. We’ve already attracted some interesting people and the buzz/excitement is who will next appear on the guest list.

So, if you’re moulding social software, blogs, wikis, websites, internet things and are in York on the 31 August…. get intouch and we’ll furnish you with the details to be part of something fab.

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