Analytics Hostage Takedown

Yesterday, I had an idea for a video promo. Needs some work, but may be fun to shoot and possibly encourage a few people to challenge the quo.

Analytics Hostage Takedown
When approaching the technical team for improved ROI tracking or visitor data on your website, it can feel like some sort of hostage release negotiation. All you want is some data, or a number crunching application to tell you if the website is working – just some info for the benefit of the company.

What do mean, you’re not happy with hits and referral data? You want more?

That would mean re-coding the website, the site structure will not let that sort of information be collected…

Cue police squad cars arriving outside the building, black helicopters circling overhead, snipers in positions… etc…

At this point I have to decide, in the promo, whether we storm the building and rescue the website (install an onsite analytics solution) or difuse the situation with peaceful mediation (install offsite page tagging analytics).

Yeah, it needs some work – but there really is no excuse for no business analytics from your website.

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