Too exclusive for me – blogger’s wine freebie

gapingvoid: blogger’s wine freebie

It’s a nice idea, give out a few bottles, get people talking, if the stuff’s any good, you get a strong base to grow a loyal organic market. Being possibly the first company promoting a wine this way, also develops a nice story to tell all types of traditional press, builds a few nice links from many sites to bolster that google ranking, etc

I’ve emailed a few times to participate in this offer – but heard nothing – which got me thinking about the down side.

I will never know if Hugh got the emails with my details, or the email chasing my details – at one point I even felt I had to apologise for not writing up the wine tasting ‘cos maybe the postal system had snaffled my bottle? Maybe a spam filter blocked me. Maybe I just didn’t make the grade. I guess the latter, which is ok – their loss. But at this point Stormhoek are a brand I’ll avoid. They’ve anchored a poor feeling and I’ve got plenty of great Sauvignon Blancs already to choose from to go with our crispy duck, summer evenings, late night working…. Infact, we had a party this weekend and our lovely guests left 5 different bottles of Sauvignon for us to quaff, amongst other interesting wines.

I’ve just got to finish off that fabulous cask of Guzzler from our amazing local brewery. (note to self – must write a few words about York Brewery – they’re doing so much stuff, very well, with a very nice team)

Brand is the emmotion left in your belly fueled by communication. For me, Stormhoek didn’t work.

Anybody else avoiding Stormhoek?

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  • Well, there is no record of you or your URL in my mailbox… and I just looked. Sorry, I don’t know what happened.

    Try writing me at gapingvoid AT gmail DOT com and I’ll try to sort you out.

    Please make sure to include “Blogger’s Wine Freebie 5678” in the subject line (the 5678 number helps us keep better track of the e-mails)…

    Hey, I agree, it’s an imperfect system. But we’re doing it on a seriously shoestring budget which, I think, is part of the charm.

    Sorry about that, anyway.

    FYI- everyone who is a British (and now Irish) Blogger over the age of 18 qualifies (so long as he/she has been at it regularly for more than 3 months)… there’s none of this “doesn’t make the grade” crap.

    Discriminating against “non-cool” blogs (or whatever) makes the story less interesting, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the feedback. Let me know what I can do.


    Comment | 10/8/2005
  • Guy

    Made contact with Hugh through the backdoor :-)

    and he’s sending some freshness

    Does remind me of the story about the manager who had to read two huge piles of cv’s sent in response to a job advert. He push one pile straight into the waste paper bin, cos you wouldn’t want to employ anybody that’s unlucky.

    Comment | 10/8/2005

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