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A local search engine optimisation company was recently overheard recommending to a customer that they should get a blog to help with their rankings on Google. The company then offered to write the blog for them, to ensure the keywords etc were correct.

This is so wrong. In fact it’s as wrong as selling live8 tickets on ebay. Yes you can do it, but it’s wrong. Blogs should be written by passionate individuals, experts in their own field – whether it’s your personal blog (being an expert in yourself) or your area of interest. How can an SEO company write your blog?

If you have a trademark or product, I recommend heading over to a blogging search engine like technorati or blo.gs and do a few searches and see who’s using your words and brand within spammy blogs, stuffed with keyword rich site maps and random text. I wouldn’t loose too much sleep over it, but something to bear in mind if this activity ever influenced your placement within search engine results.

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