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Moosejaw Mountaineering
Whilst looking for a new duvet, I came across this rather purple cow-esk retailer. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea – but it’s definitely mine. It reminded me of the mexican restaurant in York that used to have something on the menu about how the team enjoyed what they did, and if you had a problem with that, then maybe you should go elsewhere. They’re reasonably busy most nights – but well worth the effort. Have an opinion, a passion, a style – and just stick with it for success. Just don’t employ the suits – cos they don’t understand.

In fact, someone named Sally said that our good humor and brilliant service changed her entire life.

If you are offended by ridiculous stories and silly comments then we advise you only pay attention to the fact that Moosejaw has the greatest prices and the best product selection in the world.

I wish we had a few more reailers in the uk like this.

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