so good, so far from the mark

moving to the speed of sound
It’s amazing where a piece of spam and glass of good red wine will lead.

From an introduction to a group on tribe.net (a networking community type site thingy) I started looking around, read a few well craft rants about ecademy, then clicked on an advert for a ‘dj kramer’ tribe, looked at his links and found this cute, but empty site.

The things i liked:

  • the flash loading screen that teased you by listing the content that you were loading,
  • and then the funky music with great scrolling photography once it loads.
  • There’s lots wrong with this site – but it had me looking for a few minutes. Great photo of a girl holding a drink to the camera.

    There’s just so much good stuff yet to be done with the web. If you keep digging, you’ll find so much stuff for inspiration….

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