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I love York. It’s a city of great people, high employment, high levels of commerce nestled around the fabulous backdrop of a walled city center set in the North Yorkshire countryside. There’s very little in the way of grants and funding in this region because it’s doing so well. Everything in York seems to be self financed because people love it here, including me.

But there’s a problem with all this.

Back in 1995 (or was it earlier?), I was one of the original pioneers of the web industry in Leeds, the home and hub of many succesful internet businesses, including Freeserve. This industry created a scene filled with peers, observers and wannabees. It was great – Friday evenings in Leeds was a great place to talk web and swap ideas and knowledge over coffee and beer. There was a way of contacting anybody within the industry through a friend of a friend – and that was of huge benefit.

York, however, seems to have very little in this way. Sure we have seemingly dead Creation Network and creative wing of York Science City. But these are/were quango-esque in their existance and operate for a too broader group of industries. I was unaware of the seemingly bouyant industry of museum display design & manufacture – until I started attending functions within the city.

So – York needs a web industry group. No quango – just a vehicle for encouraging socials, networking and a voice. Not a group for lobbying – just a group that will give the industry some scale within York. An informal vehicle for people to share experiences and mentor.

Anybody up for working on this with me?

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