Most of the local businesses we talk to seem to be going to this event. But does anybody know what it actually is? I’ve been to a few presentations that have waxed lyrical about this thing – and everybody does seem to be going, even my wife’s boss asked if I was going, after wrestling with the registration form. They so need some plain talking customer experience support. They even handed out a leaflet at one meeting without the event’s date on it.

To be fair, the website behaves just like everybody else that’s putting this event together – they assume you know about the event and why you need to be there. They are so passionate about it’s success, they assume everybody knows what it is. I failed to fill in the registration form – I got to a point where they asked you which ‘streams’ you wanted to sign up for and which meals you wanted…. erm… panic, abort…. All I wanted from the web site was a clear overview of what the event actually is, a simple ‘how to venturefest for the first time.’ I still don’t know whether it’s an exhibition that you turn up to and walk around or a regimented series of seminars.

It’s one of those classic goofs. Does it say on the tin what it does? Are there instructions for use?

Roll on wednesday….. better pick a good shirt and polish my purple cow in the elevator pitch.

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